April Editorial

April's calendar is finally up. We get wall-to-wall Arcane Power excerpts until the second week, after which we start getting stuff from Monster Manual 2. I'm surprised that its been almost a year since 4th Edition was released, but time flies when you are working full time, going to school full time, and playing D&D far more than you ever did before.

It looks like that the Penny Arcade podcast wraps up at the 8th, that being the 8th episode. Its been a good run so far, and I'm hoping that they give it a third go in the future.

There's a PH3 preview on the list, followed by a dual class-playtest. I was never a fan of dual-classing in the past, since it caused you to drag really far behind the rest of the gang, but then 4E has made a lot of crappy things awesome.

Finally, we get an article on familiars (glee!), ecology of the deva, and an orc creature incarnation. Looks to be yet another entertaining month.

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