Posted by : David Guyll May 09, 2009

Bullywug, duergar, and ::drumroll:: kenku. I think bullywugs are retarded beyond all compare, but the kenku are going to force Red Jason to make an entirely new character.

Bullywugs get a Con and Dex bonus, Athletics bonus, and can release a cloud of toxic air that weakens enemies that spend a healing surge (always on).

Duerger get a Con and Wis bonus, like dwarves, bonus on Dungeoneering, darkvision, and an encounter attack that lets them fire quills (Con-based, ongoing poison damage, scales with level).

Kenku get a Dex and Cha bonus, bonus on Bluff and Stealth, and gain a +3 bonus when flanking instead of +2. They can also mimic voices with a successful Bluff check. Red Jason can back me up that this was basically the same shit I thought of back when he wanted to make kenku for some bizarre reason.

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