Moar Dragon Age Screens and Stuff

More stuff on Dragon Age: Origins. This time its a small trailer and a trio of screens depicting an ironically slimmer version of Clotho from God of War 2. The trailer doesnt illicit an emotional response aside from, "its a fat tentacle monster with boobies." Again, nothing to say about the gameplay yet, and I'm not saying it wont be an interesting battle. I'm just trying not to get all hyped up about it until the game actually launches.

Not really sure about the graphics in this shot: the textures dont look too hot and frankly neither does she.

Worst Macaulay Culkin impression evar.

Fat and bulemic? Reminds me of an uglier (if thats possible) Allfather D'Aronique from Preacher.

So there you have it. A monster that as far as I know exists to be killed because she is ugly and I guess eats babies. Literally. I'd really prefer to see videos flaunting the character creation system and/or gameplay mechanics, personally. Maybe something on how questing works?

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