Know Your Role: Controllers

A three page article with six Heroic feats, each of which kind of remind me of Metamagic feats from 3rd Edition: five give you access to feat powers that you can pick up instead of the normal array of utilities. The article provides some advice on controllers and what the role stands for, but otherwise the crunch is pretty damned tame. Since there's so little to discuss I'll go over all of the feats.

Clever Control is the only one that just gives you a benefit without trading, and its fairly interesting in that it lets you deal bonus damage if you only nail one creature with an area attack (can be close burst or area attack).

Destructive Power is a level 6 daily that essentially gives an attack brutal 2, though it only seems to affect one damage die...meh. I expect more out of a 6th-level daily. Make all the damage dice brutal and we'll talk.

Explosive Power is also a level 6 daily that pushes all creatures out of the area of effect (up to 5 squares). Also seems like weaksauce.

Forceful Power is another level 6 daily that lets you prone every creature hit by an area attack. See, thats something that I would consider picking up. At least I feel like I'm getting something at the expense of a feat and another potentially useful utility.

Penetrating Power is a level 9 encounter that lets you ignore all resistances against every creature you hit. Again: ALL resistances, ALL targets. Now we're talking.

Seeking Power is a level 6 encounter that lets you ignore concealment/cover with a ranged attack, and if you still miss you dont burn it. Honestly, why the fuck would I want the dailies when the encounter one is better?

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