Power Play: Arcane's Gloaming Path

Two backgrounds, six spells, and four familiars. The spell distribution favors the wizard and warlock with two, doling out only one for swordmages and sorcerers. I would have figured that the bard would have gotten on there somehow, but better luck next time. Anywho I dont give a shit about the backgrounds, so I'll start with new spells.

  • Moonstride is a level 2 wizard encounter that changes you into moonlight if an enemy gets too close, by which I mean you become insubstantial and shift. Good contender for shield.
  • Charm of hearts is a level 2 warlock daily that prevents a creature from making opportunity attacks against you, in addition to boosting your defenses. It can be sustained, to boot.
  • Fate's frayed threads is a level 6 warlock encounter that does quite a bit if an enemy botches an attack roll against you: they get cursed, take a -2 to attacks against you, and grant combat advantage to you.
  • Stride of the gallant is a level 6 swordmage encounter stance that gives you teleport, but only if said teleportation would drop you next to a baddie.
  • Witch's reversal is a level 10 wizard daily that lets you reroll missed attacks if you fuck up at least two rolls.
  • Maiden's waking is a level 10 sorcerer daily that lets you act normally even if you are hit with a condition that reduces your actions (such as unconscious). Obviously, it requires no action to activate.
And then we wrap things up with a quartet of familiars.
  • The muse sprite gives you a Diplomacy bonus, radiates dim-light, deliver mail, and let you make two checks for a few skills. Kinda like Tinkerbell and owls from Harry Potter rolled into one.
  • White-eyed crows prevent you from being surprised and lets you reroll a missed attack if the creature is next to the crow.
  • Gallant hawks grant a Perception bonus, increases the attack penalty from marks, and it has a very limited ability to save-ends mark all creatures next to it. Very cool.
  • Moon wisps give an Arcana and Nature bonus, radiate light (with a built in dimmer option), and has a limited ability to negate concealment against creatures that are close to it.
All in all good stuff. I think it does a good job of adding primal flavor to arcane classes, meaning that it should get some use in Songs of Erui. :-3

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