Class Acts: Wizard

When you actually get down to it its only about a page worth of content, but then wizards arent really short on spells anymore, are they? I'm so fucking glad that Character Builder exists.

It was hell enough in older editions to keep everything sorted and accessible, and I recall players building clerics with Player's Handbook, Complete Divine, Spell Compendium, and others on hand so that they could rummage through the massive spell lists. Of course, we cant forget that in 3E clerics had access to all spells.

This episode of Class Acts adds eight spells ranging from levels 1-9, starting with a level 1 encounter.

Arcane whirlwind is pretty neat and really plays up a controller aspect by creating a zone of wind that you can use to slide creatures around by burning minor actions. You can also move it pretty fucking far with a move action. It can be used to slide any creature, not just enemies, so you could even use it to maneuver allies about (hell, you could use it to get yourself out of dodge). Really badass.

Mystical debris lets you create difficult terrain squares. Its a level 2 at-will, but there's a cap on how many squares you can maintain at any given time. Its also a minor action to use, so I could see a wizard knocking out three of these things to slow down enemies. Also pretty badass.

Cinderfall is an area-effect that does the damage I'd expect, but also has an effect line that deals automatic damage to any one enemy in the area. Could be handy for clearing out a minion that you missed, or just dealing a nice chunk of damage to a priority target.

The last one I'll touch on is scattering shot, which is a level 5 that doesnt quite scatter shit. What it does is draw a bunch of monsters together in a cluster before blowing them up (but doesnt move them away). Like hypnotic glyph, I could see this as a great setup for an action point plus an AoE attack of your choice.

Some good controller-heavy spells as well as a couple classic area-effect explodies.

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