Class Acts: Wizards

This wizards Class Act focuses entirely on summons--of the elemental/demon variety--adding fourteen to the roster in addition to a pair of new mechanics called intrinsic nature and symbiosis. Intrinsic nature is basically instinctive effect by another name, telling you what your summon does on your turn if you dont tell your creature to do something. These effects also seem to penalize you in some way, such as by inflicting damage to you or afflicting you with a condition. Symbiosis, on the other hand, is a kicker effect that you gain while the creature is present.

I guess its kind of a way to give you a benefit whether or not you are telling your creature to do something. Too bad that the intrinsic effects can punish you if you do something instead of your critter. :-P

There's two daily spells per level, one a normal elemental and the other a demon. First level starts you out with summoning dust devils and dretches, while level 29 lets you call forth a djinn stormcaller or...wait for it...balor. The balor is Huge, deals automatic fire damage to creatures if they start too close, deals 4d10 fire and lightning damage with a massive slide (this attack has a melee of five), causes your attacks to deal +15 damage, and causes creatures to take automatic fire damage if they hit you. The downer? If you dont tell it to do something, it attacks the closest thing...including you.

As a fan of summoning spells, I endorse this article. Now I can make a thematic tiefling demonbinder!

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  1. A very nice addition to the wizard indeed! I just hope they publish more articles like this for other classes in the future.


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