Creature Incarnations: Fomorians

Its been awhile since I've posted between finals and God of War 3, but it seems that every time I'm about to need a shitload of variant monsters, something crops up to make my life a lot easier. Creature Incarnations: Fomorians adds eight fomorians and a spriggan minion to the roster with a level range of 14-20, which is handy in filling out the existing level gap. Its just too bad that almost half of them are also controllers.

Its not a large article, focusing almost entirely on the stat blocks and fluff relating to each entry, but it does manage to provide a few paragraphs of exposition about fomorian kingdoms and how they are "relatively" safe compared to the untamed regions of the Feydark. There's a sidebar that explains how they sometimes get along with Vistani, making them a viable way to locate and navigate fomorian lairs. Also, a few of the new fomorians make it easy to justify the inclusion of angelic and/or infernal allies, adding to the flexibility of creating fomorian-themed encounters.

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