Inspired by watching Liz play Half-Life 2, as well as working on an aberrant-heavy Eberron campaign.

For head crab zombies, you could use a normal zombie but remove zombie weakness. Poison headcrabs are basically headcrabs that also deal ongoing poison damage on a hit. 


  1. I know that I'm late, but I just read this a few months ago. This morning I actually looked at the zombies, and I think that zombie weakness sort of fits the implied flavor. A critical hit knocks the crab off of the zombie.
    (note: I have not played those sorts of games, so I may miss the point. but still...)

  2. That is a good point, as I recall in the game shooting it off also stopped them. So instead of a headshot, it is just a crabshot.

  3. Oh, and maybe poison headcrabs should be level 2?


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