Know Your Role: Defender

An epic-exclusive article, this Know Your Role article talks about defenders. Its got almost a page of fluff content that could apply to anyone of any level, but really its for people playing defenders that are 21 or older.
  • Level 22 paladin utility stance that grants allies resistance 20 to anything you have resistance to, at all, but you lose the resistance.
  • Then there's ten epic feats, four of them being Rapid-something feats which let you use your defender's immediate reaction ability (swordmage aegis, fighter's Combat Challenge, battlemind's mind spike, etc) twice per round. The others do stuff like change mind spike to an interrupt, grant you resist 5 all when you have 2+ enemies marked, or auto-mark an enemy within 10 squares at the start of combat.
  • Finally, a vanilla-defender epic destiny grants you +2 to any stat and +1 to Speed, take immediate and opportunity actions while dazed or stunned, and let you give healing surges to allies that die. The level 26 utility lets you set your initiative to the highest of your allies and take an entire suite of actions even if surprised.

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