Shardpit Garrison Map

Oh, castles, keeps, forts, etc...the bane of my existence. Since Shardpit is at the ass-crack of nowhere, I figured that House Tharashk wasn't given much of a budget, even for a dragonshard operation. The garrison isn't too big (can "reasonably" house 34 soldiers, two to a room), but the townsfolk are a hardy bunch and are expected to pick up arms in case they get attacked. That, and some of the houses could also be setup as impromptu barracks to house conscripts. I wanted to limit myself on this quite a bit, and make it feel cramped, as if they couldn't requisition sufficient funds to expand it. So access to the prison and kennel was added wherever they could shoehorn a room in.

The players will mostly deal with warped guards and dogs. Actually, I'm going to put half-eaten dogs in the kennel and have the rest be free-roaming (since they can teleport). The main objective here is getting into the prison, where there is a planar rift that can be sealed (sealing rifts weakens the end-boss and removes skill challenge failures). Some of the rooms contain tainted treasures taken from the shrine, and I'm also going to put in a byeshk weapon in the armory or sergeant's quarters to give the party an edge (it wont be carried since none of the warped citizens or soldiers could safely touch it).


  1. Excellent map. You might want to consider making the outer walls of the fort thicker. Having a 1' thick wall makes it easier for PC's and monsters to break down. Great interior though.

  2. Thanks! I guess I should point out that the walls arent precisely to scale. >_>
    I know that realistically they should take up an entire square all to their own (5 feetish thick). I suppose I'll have to call this a draft, get bigger graph paper, and give it another shot. ^_^
    At least the interior is up to snuff.

  3. When it comes to this sort of thing, I strongly recommend the old 3e book Stronghold Builders' Guide. It makes me happy every time I think about it.

  4. Yeah, I still got that, actually... <_<


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