Bardic Items, Closing the Magic Treasure Gap

I like this article because I just so happen to have a bard in my current campaign that specifically wants to use songbows and only songbows. It really is just about "closing the gaps", giving you nine magic items to round out the level 1-4 selection as well as level 9 and 29 magic instruments (for the group at epic tier that was wondering where the hell they were).

The first few items--+1 bard's songblade and +1 bard's songbow--aren't anything special, merely providing the basic magical staples that are both weapons and implements.
The howling songbow has a property that lets it deal thunder damage to creatures granting cover to the target, which is kinda cool since it gives you incentive to go after enemies that are slightly harder to hit.
Tuning songblades have a property that imposes a save penalty against ongoing thunder damage and a daily both deals ongoing thunder damage but also grants an attack bonus while the creature has it.
Venomous songblades have a weaken-save-ends effect, but don't actually inflict poison damage at any time. On the other hand, venomous songbows have an ongoing poison damage daily power.
Finally, the wailing songbow has a property that penalizes a stricken targets Stealth modifier and an encounter power that lets you ignore concealment, so long as you've already hit the target during the encounter (cause the arrows scream when they hit someone, you see).

As for instruments, the lyre of supplication counts as a +6 item and has a daily domination power built into it for good measure, while the mesmerizing harp is a meager +2 item that has a sustainable daily power that reduces a creature's Will defense.

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