The Shivs of Sorcery

4th Edition has gone a long way to make wizards and sorcerers into distinct classes. Aside from vastly differing class features and spells (you know, the entirety of the class), sorcerers can also use daggers as spell implements, and this Class Acts article expands its utility by providing spells that require you to use the dagger in melee and feats that improve upon this theme.

On feats, there's a Heroic tier feat for Cosmic, Storm, and Wild Magic sorcerers that took Sorcerous Blade Channeling (lets you use ranged attacks in melee) that add a small benefit such as forced movement or letting you shift after the attack. Armored Sorcerer only works with leather, boosting resistances gained from your Spell Source. I really like Mastery of Knives, which gives you proficiency with kukris and lets you treat them as daggers for sorcerer spells. Glee.

As for spells, there aren't a lot and they range from levels 1-9.

  • Ensorcelled blade is an at-will attack that deals automatic damage to the target if they tap you back in melee before the start of your next turn. As another perk, you can use it as a melee basic attack.
  • Teleporting strike lets you attack, teleport as an effect, and then attack again (the second attack imposes conditions instead of dealing damage).
  • Lightning cuts is really simple: you deal double weapon lightning damage without an ability boost to damage. The plus is that it targets Reflex and only takes a minor action to use.
  • Blinding blade is a level 5 daily that deals double damage and blinds.
  • Dweomer dagger is a level 7 attack that deals double damage and imposes a defense penalty for a turn. Nothing too fancy.
  • Force daggers is a level 9 attack that affects a close blast and deals double damage, unless there was only one target in which case it deals triple damage.

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