The Shadows Over Greyshore, Part 3

I'm not sure if a bag of holding can support living creatures inside it, and frankly the rules appear to be silent as to the size limit--if any--of objects. Like, it can hold 20 cubic feet, but can you but a wagon inside, or does it have to be something that can fit into the opening? I recall in older editions people putting all sorts of shit into these things, from fellow characters to an umber hulk zombie, so I'm not sure. I let everyone pile in, momentarily forgetting about the weight cap (shit) so that Hawkeye could summon up a magical fish to carry them deep underwater into the hidden grotto of the Dagon cultists.

They surfaced a half minute after the air in the bag had run out, which caused Moxie to lose a healing surge, but nothing too terrible. The chamber was a vast cavern filled with water, veiled in utter darkness. Using their everburning torch they got their bearings before a school of archerfish attacked them. It was...interesting using the swim rules, if cumbersome since no one had a DMG on hand. On a few occasions we forgot about enforcing the swim speed, especially when it meant something awesome could happen, and after the party dispatched them Hawkeye made a Nature roll in order to store them for later. After smashing up several clusters of fish eggs they scaled a sheer wall out of the water and moved on.

They didn't have any way of mapping and I wasn't about to map for them, so most of the session was them picking from differing directions when they came across intersections and seeing where that lead them. All too often this was an ambush--the darkness made it easy for everything to see that they were coming--or a trap, which actually lead them to a treasure parcel that contained a +2 quenchgiver longbow (handy for all the underwater combat, yar). Most of the encounters consisted of crauds, though in one instance there was a hidden water elemental that was killed almost instantly by a lucky crit from Hawkeye. My favorite encounter was the one where they got pinned down in a narrow tunnel. That required a lot of tactical thinking since crauds can move for free when they miss with attacks.

I'm thinking they'll wrap up this adventure next session. There's a few sinister surprises in store for them, heh.


  1. Actually...we didn't destroy the figh eggs, as the Archerfish are natural, albeit unpleasant creatures. Ghurod Hok-Ai (Hawkeye to his friends) would never consent to destroying a nest just because we had to fend off their kin. Maintaining the balance and all that ; )

  2. That and they had no treasure.


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