Heroes of Shadow RPG.net Compilation

It's not much, but I sorted through the (currently) seven-page thread on RPG.net.

Revenant is a reprint sans all the feats. Other races have zero feat support. Boo.

Assassin (Executioner)
As was confirmed awhile ago, it is the Essentials version. Good.

Paladin (Blackguard)
Apparently, these guys are pretty durable strikers, with paladin armor proficiencies and healing surges. On the downside, their striker damage only kicks in when they have combat advantage, and is also ability score-based. However, their vices give you ways to deal some extra damage, so it may not be as bad as it seems.

Apparently, you only really get to pick feats, ability scores, and utility powers. The two paragon paths let you choose to be more "Lestat (beguiler)" or "Nosferatu (stalker)"; everything else is static. All the powers have the Implement keyword, and vampires get both ki focus and holy symbols. Their Dex-based melee basic attack has a push 1 effect, and there's an at-will attack for each Non-AC Defense. Highly mobile, can shapeshift, climb walls, etc. Lot of stuff we already knew.

Warlock (Binder, Star Pact, and Gloom Pact)
Controller subclass of the warlock. Lots of powers flavored as summons, and it gets a 9th-level summon (same as the hexblade). Appears to have single target, high damage control.
The gloom pact involves making a bargain with a Shadowfell creature, and grants "lots of cold and necrotic damgae", as well as allowing you to summon dark creepers and sorrowsworn.
The star pact gains more tentacle-themed powers, including a 1st-level encounter zone.

Warpriest (Death Domain)
People who were looking for a necromancer with a leader role will purportedly be pretty happy with this. One of the abilities allows you to use healing word as an Immediate Reaction after killing a target. At 10th-level, you automatically kill minions adjacent to you.

  • Servitude of Death (level 5): A single target, ranged attack that brings the target back as an undead minion that is dominated by you after it dies. It's a little worse for wear (-2 to all defenses), but otherwise this is a pretty rad power.
  • Blackened Soul (level 2 daily): You allow a dying ally to burn two healing surges, and they gain a power bonus to attack and damage rolls (but also grant combat advantage) until they are healed to full.

Holy Symbol Expertise: Scaling bonus to attack rolls, and enemies you hit cannot gain combat advantage against you, unless you use a power that causes you to grant combat advantage.
Ki Focus Expertise: Scaling bonus to hit, with a scaling bonus to damage against bloodied enemies.

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