Neverwinter Fortune Cards

I got in a booster box of Neverwinter Fortune Cards, which equates to a grand total of ninety-six cards. I picked up a hefty chunk of Fortune Cards back when the first set was released, and though I tried to get my group into them they often forgot they had them. This time around the cards do a bit more (especially rares), so I'll give them another shot--ironically during my Dark Sun campaign--and see if they get any better traction. If nothing else I'll be taking them with me to Lair Assault games and just throw them at people until I exhaust my massive stack of doubles.

This will still be one of those "love or hate" products, and depending on why you might not have liked the first set of Fortune Cards--power creep, turning the game into a card game, etc--you probably are not going to like these. Me? I like the idea of handing them out as rewards during a game for doing cool shit or for good social role-playing moments.

The cards that were not copies.

The stack of doubles I had left over.

Four of the rares.

Four other rares.

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