Playtest: Wizard

Wizard playtest is up. Most of the changes entail giving encounter attacks miss effects of one kind or another, changing zone effects so that the damage occurs at the end of their turn instead of the start (and only happens once), and adding spell school keywords to spells to help mesh with mages and their school specialization class feature.

Some stuff got nerfed, in particular the blood mage paragon path, which I guess puts it at the level of "compelling choice" as opposed to "has easily abused spells". Overall I think the changes are comparatively neutral; yeah, zones get shafted a bit, but I think they needed it. Some people are bitching that magic missile did not get reverted, and of course there is the familiar chorus that this or that did not need nerfing, and they have the numbers to prove it.

Since it is a playtest article I think I am going to actually, you know, play it and submit some feedback based on my experiences. I have a suspicion that it will be enjoyable and functional.

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