Making Race Count, Part 2

Despite starting up a campaign with its roots firmly entrenched in the Feywild, none of my players are playing races that benefit from an article that gives drow, eladrin, and elves the option of taking racially thematic powers.


  • Glimmering Forms: A level 2 at-will that seems reminiscent of dancing lights from previous editions, functioning as a souped up version of light; you can move it, and you can also alter what it appears like in an attempt to trick people.
  • Vanish From View: A level 6 encounter interrupt that lets you make a Stealth check when hit and you have concealment or cover. If you beat the attack roll, it not only misses but you gain combat advantage for a turn.
  • Quell Magic: This level 10 daily lets you drop an area-effect attack on all conjurations and zones, destroying them if you hit. 
  • Dark Doorway: While hidden this level 16 daily lets you teleport, but you must be able to hide in the destination. 

  • Sense Magic: This level 2 encounter lets you auto-detect all magic within range and then roll to identify each source at the cost of one minor action.
  • Eladrin Escape: A level 6 utility that lets you teleport for free after being missed with a melee attack.
  • Recursive Thought: When you save against a daze or stun, this level 10 daily lets you stun or daze them for a turn.
  • Spiral Dance Assault: Once per round when you hit an enemy in melee, this level 16 at-will lets you teleport to any square adjacent to them.

  • Long View: This level 2 encounter lets you gain combat advantage for a turn against an enemy that you attack with a long- or shortbow.
  • Leave No Trace: A level 6 daily stance that lasts until your roll initiative, end it (for some reason), or until eight hours have passed. While it is up, creatures have a much harder time tracking you, and you and all adjacent allies gain a bonus to Stealth.
  • Determined Accuracy: A level 10 daily that lets you reroll a spent elven accuracy again, with a bonus.
  • Communion: This level 16 encounter lets you burn a healing surge to gain temporary hit points and heal an adjacent ally (so you need to have at least one left).

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