A Sundered World: Episode 201


  • Iron Jack (human Joshian warlord/god-thing)
  • Lothelle (female moon elf bladesinger/red dragon customized path)
  • Danh (male goliath serpent shaman/I forget his paragon path)

Paragon tier kicks off with the characters setting sail for Horizon. Iron Jack claims to know a pirate lord or two that he believes will fight for the right incentive. On the way they run into a bladeling raiding ship. It tries to ram them, missing the first time but managing to impale them on the second pass. The party takes to the offensive, boarding the bladeling ship, and kills most of the crew in the fairly quickly (as I am not using auto-leveling monsters in this campaign).

A 20-foot metallic sphere arrives as they are cleaning up. It disintegrates most of the bladeling ship with a fire lance, leaving no doubt that it is a creation of Autochthon. The characters get back on their ship, Lothelle channels some hefty fire magic into the engine, and they easily escape. Iron Jack speaks with the bladeling, learning this his name is Shriev and that because he considers himself a captive is forced to obey him. He helps attach the bladeling bow to Jack’s ship using spikes grown from his own body, giving them a nice ramming weapon.

When they arrive at Horizon they find it under attack by more spheres and internally produced clockwork horrors. Cathedral ships above the city are quickly destroyed by the spheres, while angels are engaged by an endless stream of horrors. Iron Jack channels his divine essence into Lothelle’s staff, instantly filling it with sand. They use it on a sphere and watch as it disintegrates with age in moments. A cathedral ship teleports in from the city’s angel gate, much larger than the other three. The two remaining spheres fire upon it, but the lances are deflected by a brilliant golden field of light.

Danh uses the arcane ballista to blast open one of the spheres. Iron Jack throws a fire core into the gap while Lothelle unravels the bindings, causing it to explode. With the sphere out of commision, they land to take out the horrors within the city streets as a host of angels appears and assaults the final sphere. On the ground they fight and destroy several horrors fairly easily--well, compared to before...hooray for levels--before Danh "feels" himself being pulled somewhere. Iron Jack, having been here before, guides them to a sacrarium. Danh confirms that a piece of the World Serpent is inside.

They find a warded door, and when Iron Jack tries to open it is stopped--or rather, hurled back by a fiery explosion--by an angel named Araqiel, who recognizes Jack. They exchange a few heated words, before Jack challenges him to a fist fight. While he has the angel grappled, he tells Danh and Lothelle to run. Danh manages to get the door open and heads down a set of stairs into the darkness. Araqiel, understandably angry, summons several flaming swords and chases after the characters, while Jack chases him. Underground, Danh manages to gain a considerable lead. The walls are covered in metal doors with Supernal characters, but despite the mazelike construction manages to find the door he seeks.

He is barely able to lift the door, which clangs shut behind him as he enters a chamber containing a giant-sized statue of a snake, wrapped in chains studded with sacred seals. Lothelle sees the light from his sunrod vanish, but does not know which door he used. As Araqiel and Jack catch up, Jack asks the furious angel what this place is. The angel explains that is is a vault for evil/unholy relics that have been discovered throughout the vacant dominions and god-corpses. Jack asks him how he “knows” that the World Serpent fragment is evil. The angel replies in turn, asking how he knows that it is good.

Inside the chamber, Danh trances into the spirit world. He is confronted by an oily black, serpent-like creature. It assesses him with hellishly glowing eyes for a moment. Then, addressing him as a "pathetic vessel", thanks him for bringing the rest of its fragments; once whole, it will be able to leave this place and devour the rest of creation.

Next Time: Avatar of Destruction

Behind the Scenes
Shriev was unexpected, but in a good way. It was fun making up the bladeling stuff on the spot. I figured that if they could erupt razor blades, that they could also carefully produce metallic spikes. I decided that he would make for an interesting unarmed fighter/monk, and rolled with that when they got into combat.

Josh did a really good job making up character history, too. He kept me on my toes when bantering with Araqiel. If Kamon and Kiara did not know that I was making up this entire story as we went along, they might have thought it was all scripted. The best part was when Josh accused the angel of not knowing whether the Serpent was evil; it was the perfect setup line for what followed.


  1. I just want to say that I love this series of posts. Why don't you play more? I mean, I know you have a life and other things to do, but you also have fans. Or at least one...

    P.S. Can I use the setting for my games?

  2. We kind of petered out after Kia (ie, Lothelle) had to go back to school. We have since been looking at other games that work better in small groups (Dungeon World and 5th Edition seem to fit the bill), but have not really regularly played the same game (play-testing 5th Edition and trying to learn Dungeon World). I had actually considered continuing things using these games when school got out, but we might end up starting over.

    If you want to use the setting go for it! I had been considered a kickstarter for a 4th Edition campaign setting, a Dungeon World campaign playbook, and even something for 5th Edition, though I could also just post up my campaign notes, kind of like what I was doing from the start.


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