Dragon's-Eye View: Lizardfolk

I am not fond of either (and I will tell you why, just not in the comments section). As with the goblin, some of the sketches look better. Actually, with the exception of the one on the left I would rather see any those in the final product.

The lizardfolk just looks too shiny, and not scaly enough. It also has this odd, kinda-sorta 3dish style going on, like they were going go that route before switching artists and ran out of time. The sailfin and bright-green color makes it look more like an eel person. Even the face looks somewhat eel-like. The bottles and stuff on the belt look like they were shopped in after (even the spear looks messed up).

I would scrap the sailfin and go with spines and/or ridges, or even nothing at all. If the sailfin has to stay, go with something that does not run down the entire back and is not so pronounced (like here or here). I find it odd that at the end he says that they should not be reminiscent of dragons, despite gold and silver dragons having the whole sailfin bit but, whatever. Give us thicker scales with a more pronounced texture, like crocodile hide. This makes sense if they dwell in swamps (why not give them webbed hands and feet, while we are at it?). Also consider giving them a more upright stance to further differentiate them from trogs (and play up the healthy aspect).

When I read the bullet point on natural weapons and armor, I was not sure if it meant claw attacks and a natural armor bonus, or things made from wood, stone, and bone. Given that lizardfolk have always used weapons and armor, I will assume the latter. I would make their gear look competently made. Like, yeah, they have to use stone axes and turtle shell shields, but they are pretty functional. I would also add decorations to imply some sort of artistic culture (such as etching, shells, symbols painting on shields, etc). Of course some might trade with other races, so there could always be the odd warrior with metal weapons and armor (though probably still decorated).

The troglodyte also looks off, but not in the "degenerate" way they are going for. The skin on its back has more texture going on, which is good, but the rest is the same kind-of-3d-but-not shiny look. The knife--like the lizardfolk's belt trinkets--looks tacked on, as if the artist thought after the fact that it should be holding something, but did not know what (same goes with its ankle bracelet and rope-pouch). It does not look like something I would expect to see underground, nor does it look like it "lives to eat".

The hunched appearance is good for a start; I think that they should look more savage and primitive than lizardfolk, and the stance helps imply that. However the loincloth seems out of place (is it concerned about people scoping out its lizard junk?) and bracelet looks to polished (even if it was taken from something else). I would use 3rd Edition's troglodytes as a basis--with their big eyes, kind of stupid-looking grin, stone weapons, and lots of scavenged gear, but no real clothing to speak of--but maybe go a more savage route. More teeth would be a plus.

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