Dragon's-Eye View: More Goblins

Like the article on the gnoll, there is not much to say here. Unlike the gnoll however, what I have to say about the goblin is not positive.

I prefer the goblin in the lower-left hand corner despite it being just a sketch, and from the comments I see that I am not alone (though others seem to like the third one from the left on the bottom row). The largest take looks like a kind of scrawny orc.

I guess I was expecting something more...spindly, I guess, akin to the works of Tony DiTerlizzi or something out of a Guillermo del Toro flick, though even Mike Mignola or Wayne Reynold's treatment from Magic: The Gathering would suffice.

I also like the bottom-left goblin because his gear looks a bit more cobbled, which is something that I expect from goblins (and to a point, bugbears, though not hobgoblins).


  1. I still can't help but think about Brian Froud when I imagine goblins...

  2. This is my list of goblin artwork that i like:


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