D&D Next: Keep on the Shadowfell Map Update

Here is the rough of the Shadowfell Keep Catacombs:

If you played the original Keep on the Shadowfell, you probably remember the maps of the levels underneath Shadowfell Keep: apparently everyone lived in giant square rooms, underground, without furnishings, linked by 10-foot wide hallways about 50 or so feet apart. I also do not recall many doors. There were also goblins, then hobgoblins, a room full of mushrooms I think, and some other bizarre elements.

When I revamped it, I did not make maps of the castle grounds or the catacombs, relegating it to a skill challenge. This time I am taking a more traditional dungeon route, though as with my update am going to stick to cultists, undead, hauntings, etc.

Oh, here is an updated map of the kobold lair from part 1, courtesy of Victor:

I expect to have part 2 done over the weekend. Lemme know what you think, and if you want to see H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth get the same D&D Next treatment.


  1. these feel like caverns and not catacombs. Was that the effect you were going for?

  2. The upper map is the catacombs, and the bottom one is a cavern.

  3. i'm sorry I misread it :P The bottom map is the cave behind the waterfall?

  4. Yep. I just was not happy with a bunch of kobolds packed into a big, square room, overseen by a goblin. -.-

  5. Any advice on alternate encounter groupings to replace the 'inside' section?

    Different anonymous :P

  6. Where the heck is the waterfall?

  7. @Anon The First: I am not sure what other stuff you could stick with kobolds, but you could add more traps, cave fisher, oozes, maybe a rogue elemental, something could live in the water, troglodytes might lurk in a more distant section, an undead creature could stalk the tunnels, etc.

    @Anon the Second: The waterfall is in the dragon's lair, which is aaall the way in the upper-left hand room, pretty much in the top two squares.

  8. So, the entrance to the cave system is in the Dragon's Den? That makes not sense.

    Actually, the two anonymous' on the bottom are the same, and are me. Not to be confused with the two anonymous posts higher on the list. Sorry for any confusion caused.


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