Wandering Monsters: The Restless Dead

The undead discussion wraps up (for now) with some more ghost-talk.

It is not much, but I think it helps provide some much needed distinction between ghosts and specters: ghosts haunt areas and have unfinished business that can still be resolved, while specters are free roaming, their tasks incapable of being completed.

In addition to a greater emphasis on fetters, I also really dig the idea of ghosts being able to have a weakness. The idea of a tortured ghost taking full damage from torture implements can add another layer of mystery to an adventure (as well as an alternative for adventurers that get bored trying to figure out how to put a ghost to rest, and instead want to just beat it up).

As for specters, I like that they do not really employ complex tactics. It is a small thing, but I wish monsters would have more recommendations for combat tactics. Now let us hope for some better artwork next time around.

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