D&D 4E: Seekers of the Sand

In an effort to try and get paid for my efforts I finally put something up on Drivethrurpg today (technically yesterday, but it was not approved until today): Seekers of the Sand.

It is a collection of "desert"-themed evocations for the seeker--because I know everyone is chomping at the bits for more seeker stuff--that fill up your Heroic tier selections, along with a paragon path if you go past that point, and some magic items to round everything out.

It runs five bucks, because when it was about half as long someone I showed it to said that they would pay that much if I added more stuff, so I did. It did not reflect the cost of me Photoshopping my own cover. That luxury is free.

Lemme know what you think. Hopefully it is worth the cash and I did a good job balancing them against existing powers (there is a 3-page preview, so you can check out almost half of it for free). I have some other thematic stuff in mind for other classes, so if this is something that interests the 4th Edition crowd that would be good to know.


  1. Thanks! Now would be a good time to point out that I reduced the price to $3, almost half of what it was originally.


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