A Sundered World: Document Update

And here's this week's Sundered World update.

Still busy cleaning the new place up, moving stuff around, and prepping Fright Night, but I did manage to add some more content to Living in a Sundered World and Adventuring in a Sundered World at the request of Shadi and Eric. I also some stuff to equipment and tweaked others, and started working on the nomad class.

I think the big thing now is to flesh out the example steadings, but as always, check it out and let me know everything: what you like, what you hate, suggestions, questions, clarifications, whatever crosses your mind while reading it.

You can post in the comments here, directly on the pdf, hit me up on G+ (the Sundered World community is probably the best place), or even fire off an email to antiochcow@gmail.com. Just don't be shy, and don't pull any punches: constructive criticism can only make this thing better.

Finally, if you want to feel free to take the setting for a spin. I'd love to hear what people do with it (plus it might help pinpoint or point out any issues).

Daily d100 Sale
Up until the 17th, Melissa and I are running a daily sale in which we roll a percentile and reduce everything by whatever the result is. I just gave it a roll and got 30, so up until tomorrow at some point all of our pdfs are 30% off.

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