Trick-or-Treat: The Ghoul

Whelp, The Pirate has come and gone, but The Ghoul is hot on her heels in our Trick-or-Treat sale!

It is largely based on the ghoul from Arabic mythology, with a dash of Dungeons & Dragons and Left 4 Dead (namely the hunter and boomer special infected): you can assume the appearance of someone that you kill, transform into a scavenging animal, deal bonus damage to living creatures (lots of bonus damage), slink away into the darkness, notice things hiding, and more.

All told there are twenty-three advanced moves to choose from.

It's main shtick are the Hunger and Frenzy mechanics. The longer you go without eating, the more Hunger you can get. When you get too much you go on a hunting/killing spree. When you are trying to chow down on something and miss, you gain Frenzy, which is a double-edged sword: you deal extra damage while you have it, but if you have some when the dust settles it gets moved over to Hunger.

So, be careful with that.

The only way to reduce Hunger is to gorge yourself on the corpses of the dead. It is not a guarantee since you roll+Corpses consumed each time, but the more you have on hand the better your odds of temporarily sating your hunger.

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