A Sundered World: Cambion Art

A week and a half ago I posted the first piece of art for A Sundered World, the section cover for the cthon race. At the time it was still a work in progress, though since then I've finished it (and Melissa has even colored it).

I had originally intended to do all the races alphabetically (followed by classes, locations, monster settings, etc), but for some reason I overlooked the cambions. I dunno, maybe I was still thinking of them as tieflings?

At any rate, here are a couple:

As with the cthon I wanted to showcase some variety. They're kind of like older-edition tieflings in that their appearance depends on the parent devil. From left to right, you've got a gluttonous nomad and a wrathful battlemind.

So, what does that mean? Well, currently when you roll up a cambion you choose a sin. There are currently four to choose from—gluttony, greed, lust, and wrath—with advanced moves for each, as well as one that's independent from your choice of sin, and another that nets you another sin. This adds several layer of flexibility, from the sin you start with to whether you decide to expand upon the moves it grants.

Anywho, next up are dwarves!

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