If These Stones Could Scream: Third Time's a Charm

When I started my foray into writing and designing tabletop role-playing game content around a year and a half ago, I was using Microsoft Word to write and export pdfs, and then Photoshop to mess with said exported pdfs. It was quickly pointed out to me that while Word was all well and good for the writing part, if I wanted to improve the look and layout of my stuff I should go with InDesign.

After a time I went back and revised both Something Stirs in the Blackscale Brakes and If These Stones Could Scream. This first revision resulted in something that was sleeker and cleaner, but they still lacked art. For several reasons I'm not a fan of going with Creative Commons art, but since people seem to be a pretty big fan of my art (as well as pestering from Melissa) I figured I should just do it myself.

The payoff, aside from not having to pay someone else and/or wondering what the final results will be, is that I've gotten a lot better and a lot faster. So much faster, that in between bouts of art for A Sundered World I've also been whipping up some for If These Stones Could Scream. Here are some examples of what to expect (in addition to more tweaks and improvements, of course):

On that note, if you like what you see and need an artist, lemme know through the various social networks in the upper right-hand corner. I don't have any hard-set rates, but B&W would be somewhere between $50-90 (depending on if you want a quarter, half, or full-page), while color would be in the $90-140 range (again, depending on page coverage). The more you want, the cheaper I'd go.

February Sale
Throughout the entire month of February we're putting both The Witch and The Bard on sale.

We've also modified their prices in our All of the Playbooks bundle, making them just that much more tantalizing than they already are: $20 nets you eleven new classes, which come with design notes and clarifications, custom character sheets, additional moves, magic items, and even compendium classes.

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