The Forgotten King: Goro's Terrible Mushroom Garden

  • Bearstruck Berserker
  • Survivor Marie-Claude
  • Wyrm Claw Exemplar

  • The Forgotten King

Spawning Points
  • Bramble Knight
  • Fungal Growth (x2)

  • Glimmerwing
  • Trent

  • Goro

Wasn't sure how well things were going to go down, given that all of us relied on STR, and it went...okay. Ish. Okay-ish.

Unlike our previous game, we weren't necessary trapped on the first tile. We were having a very lengthy string of shitty rolls (can't count how many times 2B1R came up 0-1 stars), and didn't want to risk leaving and disturbing the monsters on the third tile (Bearstruck Berserker almost died twice, and lost a piece of gear to Trent's Decay).

Instead, we bided our time until the first mini-boss (Trent) was destroyed, and when we got to the second tile the Bramble Knight only had one Wound left. Since we hadn't set foot on the tile, the mushrooms on tile three were still waaay on the other side of the board, which gave us some time to slay Glimmerwing.

This was good insofar as we were able to focus entirely on one monster, less so in that by the time they got there, they were both +1 ARM and STR (hooray for Mighty Monsters). This is probably why we didn't get far into the third tile when Goro popped due to Spawn Commands.

Unfortunately the Wyrm Claw Exemplar was all by his lonesome when this happened, and was nearly slaughtered right away since all of the monsters gained Fly. He managed to hold his own until we got close enough to help out, but went down soon after when a combination Command card and Timeout effect spawned a shitload of Giri.

Yeah, their STR is only 2, but when you're rolling it about a dozen times, eventually you're going to take some hits. We miraculously still had a couple Princess Coins in the bank, but right after he respawned we killed Goro (who thankfully was not immune to the Fire status effect).

Bearstruck Berserker is pretty alright. He's got a Reach of 2 and Berserk, but he didn't feel as awesome as Claw Tribe Barbarian.

Maybe it's because I forgot about his Sweep attack (not sure why: everyone else had one, or maybe it was because we were stretching out all of our +STR loot between the entire party. He has a free attack Potion, but we didn't roll many Potions up until near the end (after he got Bashful Boris's Bammer, which adds +1G to STR).

Survivor Marie-Claude's Sweep 2 attack is pretty awesome. It was especially useful near the beginning, when the first Fungal Growth crapped out a bunch of mushrooms, and near the end, when Goro summoned a horde of Giri.

Glimmerwing was pretty underwhelming, even though whenever we drew a Command card we would move it so that it would hit whoever had the most Wrath, plus any other Heroes that could get caught in its Lance effect.

Goro on the other hand is a fucking monster. He can take 12 Wounds, heals a Wound with one of his attacks, his Unique action has him spawn four Giri, and his Timeout pops another six.

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