Alpha Blue: THOT Audit

Disclosure: I know Venger, I've promoted and reviewed some of his stuff before, and I actually worked on this. Specifically layout, the map, and the stat block graphics with the skull icons. Also a bit of proofreading, but mostly the map and layout.

Just before Christmas of last year, Venger released a Pay What You Want adventure for Alpha Blue called THOT Audit (despite releasing The Last Alpha Blue Supplement a month before).

The title is from something that I think happened last year (I guess it must be since this came out last year), where sex workers and the like were being audited by the IRS.

Like other adventures Venger has written there's a random background table, and this one specifically pertains to that, determining how your character was affected by the "THOT audit".

It's pretty short, weighing in at 16 pages, and takes place aboard a space freighter: it is assumed the PCs sneak on board for various reasons, and after the ship takes off it gets boarded by Federation agents, so it's a kill-them-before-they-kill-you situation.

But having snuck on the freighter, the PCs don't know who or what else is there, so it's like a small dungeon crawl where you know there's already a band of monsters hunting for you.

Now I've never played Alpha Blue, but again this adventure is PWYW so if you do play it, or were interested before but haven't tried it out, this reads like a pretty decent intro adventure.

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  1. Nice! This was a fun scenario to write.

    Guys, David did an amazing job with the layout and cargo freighter map. I'm lucky to have him working on the Alpha Blue line. The sequel, THOT Police, is coming in a week or two! Even more female lifeforms sexually exploiting themselves for cold hard credits (and not paying their taxes).


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