Cha'alt After Dark Kickstarter

Venger's running another Cha'alt-based Kickstarter, this time for an adventure series called Cha'alt: After Dark.

It's billed as being excessively sleazy (probably what you've come to expect from Alpha Blue, at the least), and if his examples--such as a "hot blonde in white panties with irritable bowel syndrome"--aren't enough to satisfy your depraved desires (or, ahem, turn you off of the product) he's apparently up for taking suggestions!

So, he's your chance to try and out Venger the Venger, to try and show him such sights so as to make a cenobite blush.

And if you also want, or perhaps prefer, something more tame (no judgements), check out Dungeons & Delvers. It's got attractive women, to be sure, but those are only offensive to prudish liberals.

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