New Site Layout is Pretty Nice

The D&D portion of has a new look and layout. It takes a bit of getting used to (thought likely not as long as the old one did), but I think its certainly a step up. At the top you get a large logo that ensures that you know where the fuck you are: the D&D website, and right next to it is a login field for D&D Insiders...I dont know yet if it actually bothers to remember you, but here's hoping.

Immediately following our corporate branding is a large, easy-to-read navigation bar-ish...thing. This is greaaaaat. Way better than having all the shit on the left, and middle, and at the top. While it could use a better indicator aside from colored text to let you know where you are, its certainly a step in the right direction.

For categories, I like that Game Products features the "core essentials", so new players can easily figure out what books they actually need. Likewise, there are sections for DMs and players that display magazine articles and books for the respective party, making it easy to stick to the content you want...or simply find the shit intended for you. Kudos.

Tools lists all the optional digital utilities that you can use with the game. I'm glad that the designers finally got around to making it easy to locate the demos for Character Builder and Adventure Tools by using big-ass buttons instead of tiny fucking links adrift somewhere within a wall of text.

Gotta say, I think I still like this one better.

EDIT: Dear Wizards, please color your hyperlinks and leave the goddamned underline alone: those are the two indicators that a hyperlink even exists. Kplzthx.

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