Slaves of Athas

Slaves of Athas is a Dark Sun article that adds the escaped slave theme (martial striker) that includes eight exploits, the freedom fighter paragon path, and three feats.

Taking the theme grants you free training in Bluff and hidden strike, an exploit that lets you make a Bluff check after hitting someone to be treated as invisible until the start of your next turn. The idea is that you make them think that the attack came from somewhere else, and I think a better idea might to have been to follow suit with misdirected mark (you hit an enemy and make them marked by someone else). Perhaps roll on combat advantage or receive concealment?

Other exploits from the theme let you do stuff like make saves-with-a-bonus against certain conditions (like immobilize and slow), make a reactive attack when creatures try to flank you, or even grabbing an enemy and making them beat up their allies. I just imagine a character grabbing onto a templar and saying, "Quit hitting yourself" over and over again. 

Freedom fighter works for anyone with the theme, or warlords if thats your bag. Burning action points lets you let allies make attacks to break grabs, grant increased Aid Another bonuses if the use is about "breaking bonds or escaping", and self-sacrificing strike, which lets you move, push an ally out of the way of an attack, make your own attack, and take the damage of the attack instead of your ally. At level 11 you can use a minor action to make a save and if successful grant allies a free save, at level 16 you grant all allies initiative, Perception, and Insight bonuses automatically, and at level 20 you get a quad-damage attack that includes a save end mark effect (including making free attacks when they attack things that aren't you).

As for feats, Master of Escape grants you a bonus on Thievery when using open lock or sleight of hand, as well as another bonus when using Acrobatics or Athletics to escape from a grab or restraints. Slave Sympathy grants a Streetwise bonus in areas with lots of slaves, as well as other skill bonuses when interacting with slaves. Finally, Slave to None grants a save bonus against dominated, immobilize, and slow.

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