Alpha Blue: A Credit For Your THOTs

Disclosure: I know Venger, I've promoted and reviewed some of his stuff before, and I actually worked on this. Specifically layout, a bit of proofreading, the stat block graphics with the skull icons, and the new Blue Balls tracker.

A Credit for Your THOTs is part three of the THOT trilogy (the other two being THOT Audit and THOT Police). Unlike previous entries it's not really an adventure, but more like a...hybrid of an Alpha Blue rules supplement and a micro-adventure.

In the first part Venger presents some advice on running the game, some subsystems (including one for determining whether you get laid), and a bunch of tables for figuring out what happens before, during, or after sex, whether a sex worker has done porn before (and what she's been in), and a hundred friggin' sexual taboos (also why they're taboo).

The adventure portion is seven pages: basically you head to a place called The Pink Sewer to figure out why it's taking so long for a bunch of THOTs (presumably those arrested during the events or timeline of the first two adventures) to receive their prison assignments. Though short it's not exactly straightforward (which is a good thing), and there's at least one random encounter on the way, so I think it'd be good for a kind of one-shot thing.

As with the first two adventures I couldn't find a direct connection between this adventure and THOT Police (aside from possibly playing THOT Police Officers, though I don't recall that being an option in the first one), but as I said in that overview I can't imagine it would be difficult to link them up organically and run them in sequence if you wanted to.

Given that it only weighs in at 20 pages there's not much else to say. It's one of those pretty clear-cut "if you liked previous Alpha Blue offerings then you'll almost certainly like this", but if not then there's no way you're going to want this. It's a niche thing: if it, ahem, satisfies your niche then you probably already picked it up as soon as Venger announced it on his blog.

Last major highlight is the Blue Ball Tracker I redesigned. I'm not sure what the context was for the original one (if it was for another Alpha Blue supplement or adventure or what), but it was a nice challenge taking an existing thing and re-tooling it. Initially I tired to make it look like a chart you'd see on a Star Trek computer but Venger shot that one down.

Ah, well. I suppose if you want to see that version badger Venger until he relents.

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  1. Good summary. FYI, that has-she-done-porn table is for every female NPC, not just sex-workers and THOTs. ;)


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