10+ Treasures: Volume II

If you liked the first one, I think you're going to like this one even better. Not only because I upped the production value a bit, added a table of contents, and categorized things, but I brought an even weirder selection of magic items to the table:

  • A polearm that seeks out justice 
  • The soul of an intelligent sword 
  • A shield that can spawn zombies 
  • A living ring that turns your body into a verminous nest 
  • Another ring that makes you virtually unkillable...until you take it off 
  • An all-terrain raft 

All told there're 31 completely new magic items, as well as one reprint from the first volume (I copied the Making Magic section, since I figured people might not own it, which also goes through the motions of making the blackstar blade).

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