Playbooks of the Dead

Whether a player botches their last breath, or you are looking for something "fresher" than a fighter, wizard, or variation thereof, death doesn't have to be the end!

The Playbooks of the Dead is a compilation of our four undead playbooks—the ghoul, mummy, skeleton, and vampire—all in one book.

In addition to customized, letter-sized sheets for each class, you also get a 78-page digest-sized book that contains:

  • Everything you need to know about each class.
  • Excess moves that we just couldn't fit on the character sheets.
  • New weapons, armor, dungeon gear, and magic items.
  • The vampire spawn compendium class.
  • A pair of vampiric monsters.
  • A behind the scenes look at each class, including ways to tweak the them, and an explanation, clarification, and/or interpretation of some of the potentially confusing moves.




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