The Spider - A Dungeon World Playbook

Dungeon World is filled with all manner of strange and horrible monsters: marauding orcs, moldering skeletons, shambling zombies, chimeric owlbears, sinister demons, towering giants, fire-breathing dragons, and more.

Like spiders.

No, not your normal, run of the mill arachnid that can be easily dispatched with a shoe or broom. We’re talking the size of a dog, maybe even a man, capable of weaving webs stronger than steel, and a body capable of deflecting blades.

Like you.

Why have you scuttled forth from the dark, foreboding forests? Why do you travel with these pale, soft creatures? Would it not be more satisfying to truss them up, and let them marinate with terror before slurping up their insides, leaving only dessicated husks?

Well, maybe. Time will tell.

Just what it says on the tin: you're a giant spider. Spin webs, poison prey with your venomous bite, and then slurp up their delicious, liquefied insides.

This product comes with two files:

  • The first is a digest-sized book that contains everything about the spider, the spider trickster compendium class, magic items, advice on tweaking the class if you wanna play an ettercap, drider, or tuchigomo,  and a director's cut that further explains the class.
  • The second is a letter-sized character sheet.

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