D&D XP 2010 Stuff

Compiled data from this EnWorld post.

  • Githzerai: +2 Dex, +2 Wis
  • Minotaur: +2 Str, +2 Con
  • Shardmind: is assumed to get +2 Con, +2 Wis from a cursory glance.
  • Wilden: +2 Con, +2 Wis
No changes were noticed on the minotaur.

racial is believed to be shard swarm, which is a close burst 1 that causes all enemies in the AoE to grant combat advantage...and you get to teleport 3 squares.

  • Ardent (psionic leader)
  • Battlemind (psionic defender)
  • Monk (psionic striker)
  • Psion (psionic controller)
  • Runepriest (likely a divine leader due to its healing ability)
  • Seeker (primal controller)
Mark power is called battlemind's demand. Targets one creature within 3, lasts for the entire encounter or until you use it again. You can augment it so that it hits two creatures instead of one. It lets you use mind spike.

Mind spike allows a battlemind to deal the same amount of damage that an ally takes if the enemy makes an attack that doesnt include the battlemind.

Blurred step lets a battlemind shift 1 square when an adjacent marked enemy does.

One of its at-wills, "does something similar to eyebite," but makes an ally invisible instead of you.

One of it's dailies lets you reduce an enemy's reach (minimum of 1). Sounds pretty rad.

New at-will, psionic trawl, that deals damage and has a pull effect that varies by how much (or if) you augment it. Its also a ranged basic attack, which is pretty neat.

At-will called word of diminishment that is a melee attack that either gives the target vulnerable 2 (5 when hit by opportunity attack) or -4 to attacks until the end of your next turn.

At-will called word of shielding is also a melee attack that deals either extra damage to the target, or grants temp hit points to an ally when the target first attacks anyone that hasnt marked it.

Encounter attack called flames of purity, which is a close blast 3 that only hits enemies but gives allies either a damage bonus or temp hp in the area of effect.

Has a "rune state" that effects allies depending on which state you utilize. Destruction is cited, which grants a damage bonus to your allies when they hit enemies adjacent to you.

Their healing ability has a range of 5, restores extra d6's of hit points, and also adds a kicker effect depending on your rune: Destruction doles out a +2 damage bonus to all allies in the healing's range (burst 5), while Protection gives a +1 bonus to all defenses.

New at-will called grappling shot that slows an enemy and prevents shifting.
New daily called wildfire shot that deals ongoing fire damage and damages adjacent enemies when the target takes ongoing damage.

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