Pryamid of Storms Monster Mash

Some new monsters that I wrote for the third adventure for Songs of Erui. Some of them I probably posted before, but I updated them with Adventure Tools. Since the party hasnt encountered a lot of them, timely critiques are welcome!

Posted this before and got some feedback, but lost the comments after an author tried to delete the blog. This is a lower-level thematic elemental that I needed to round out an encounter.

Apparently there arent any 4th Edition stats for stags. I yanked goring charge from a minotaur since I think it worked well and also gave it a nifty skirmishing tactic, not to mention that the encounter I'm tossing this in has something that the party wont want to get pushed into. :-3

Took a cave bear, made it a standard monster, and gave it a soul-rending ability to make it more thematic as a "bear ghost". Mostly I wanted high damage output since the party thinks things are too easy. >_>

And lastly a two-part elite. I based Taranis off of a warden, and originally his stat block looked very much like one: he would change into a partial bear shape, do extra damage, and also get access to a rending attack. I like "boss" monsters to really mix things up during battle, so instead made it much more extreme and had him use an entirely new stat block when he becomes bloodied.

As a human is a ghost that wields his iconic warhammer, and looks very much like your typical warden might. I also gave him a recharging marking mechanic that does damage but otherwise acts like the warden's mark.

Once he's on the ropes, however...

Well...its different. No more marking, just lots of damage output. I still wanted to keep his defenses up there, so kept his role the same (especially since in this fight there are other brutes around). Though its not called in the stats, he doesnt regain anything: lost hit points are still gone, and a spent action point is still spent.

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  1. I can't help but think that 4E soldiers would benefit from adding certain kicker effects to their the Fighter's OA's or the Swordmage's Aegis.

    But then that's why gamers invented homebrew : )


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