Posted by : David Guyll April 25, 2010

Raggamoffyn concept. This thing is too fucking stupid for words, but I figure I can use it for a joke monster despite April almost being over. Click for larger image!

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  1. Fucking Raggamoffyns were the stupidest fucking creatures in D&D. Back in 3.5 there was one time when my low level wizard got strangled by a god damn Raggamoffyn and was going to die, so he doused himself in oil and set himself on fire. Taking you with me you stupid piece of shit.

    I hate Raggamoffyns.

  2. ...


    You win the internet.

  3. haaaa i am using this for an all construct adventure. Its a abandoned keep full of constructs that are controlled/managed by a sentient construct that was left behind along with all other possessions.

  4. Using this with Shadows of the Last War converted to 4e.


  5. I sometimes look back at this post and think "what have I wrought".

  6. thou hast wrought a thing of evil.

  7. I agree, given that over three years later it is still garnering comments. :-P

  8. The 2013 ones are all me XD



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