Eyes in the Forest Review

I'm a fan of a few Chaos Scar adventures, preferring the entertaining, compact experience over that of the larger adventure modules which all too often seem like the author is trying to pack two levels worth of shit where it doesnt want to fit. I think Wizards really has something here with the whole five-ish adventure encounter model, which is something that could be easily brought to their modules simply by finding ways to break shit up with logical and narrative rest stops along the way.

Eyes in the Forest is as compact as you can get, being nothing more than an overly elaborate random encounter with an elaborate setup: the party finds a horse, a skill challenge might occur if the DM wants to pad events with more dice rolling, and the horse invariably leads them into danger. Not on purpose mind you, but on principle. This is the D&D universe and random encounters can happen en route to the fucking bar (and sometimes, they include drunk gelatinous cubes).

Thats the gist of it. One encounter with lots of goblins in a tiny ruin, and it for some reason eats up four pages of digital real estate. The layout map uses dungeon tiles which is nice, but it kind of looks like a scrambled sprite map since tree lines terminate in bizarre ways. All in all the encounter itself is okay, I just dont see why it demanded four pages. Also, dont call it a "Chaos Scar Adventure". Its not. Its a random encounter that can literally exist anywhere.

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  1. while this is an ok random encounter, i prefer more adventures like stick in the mud and dead by dawn. What about you guys?


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