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I like the concept behind rituals, giving players pay-per-cast spells largely intended for out of
combat uses, but I hear that there's no shortage of groups that just don't use them (or don't like them). I don't get to play, and since I do like rituals often pepper treasures with rituals that have an immediate (or soonish) use. For example, if the adventure calls for the players to find a way into an underwater grotto in order to confront and star cult, I'm likely to put a Water Breathing ritual (or scroll if they're too low level). If they bust up a necromancer's crypt, I might put in an Undead Servitor ritual for kicks.

Oh, and I also throw in residuum or ritual components to make sure they can use it (as well as padding treasure out if they like to use them, so they don't feel like they have to "choose" between ritual usage or loot).

Really, my biggest complaint with rituals isn't so much having trouble finding uses for them, but having a way to easily identify what rituals do what. Thankfully there's a fix for that. Yeah, I know that you can surf the Compendium for all the rituals ever made, but this thing makes it a lot easier by giving you the category, level, cost, brief description, etc. Even better, the last six pages categorize them into groupings like Access Mounts, Bind a Soul, Change Objects, Copy Text, and more. This makes it sooo much easier to easily identify a ritual that suits a need, on either side of the screen. I suspect that this will make them more attractive options for players, so even though its not technically new content, I'm still grateful that something at WotC threw it together.

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