Design & Development: Vampire

A behind the scenes look at the design direction for making vampires as a class. I know some people complained about it being a class, but it makes perfect sense to me given that we've already got vampires as a feat-tree: giving us a race (vryloka) and class just allows them to provide a vampiric option for everyone's mechanical needs. I was a fan of Savage Species in 3rd Edition and was wondering (like, before the vampire class was first previewed) when/if they would get around to doing monsters-as-classes, and this looks to be a lot more viable than what Savage Species offered.

I like that there are ways to "obtain" healing surges, and that you can expend them to boost your attacks. Gives it a Vampire: The Masquerade feel, but in a good way. Only having 2 per day makes you really have to think how to use them, though regeneration and the option to grab a bite from an ally makes you more survivable. I know that they're built like Essentials classes in that you have limited options, but I don't mind that so long as the options provided give you a clear concept. Slayers and knights? Not so much. Hexblades? Hell yes. So far, I've liked what I've seen (and we haven't seen much).

Hopefully this means that Wizards will add more monstrous classes in future products. I'd tinkered around with a red dragon class when 4th Edition was released, but didn't initially like that it had limited options. I'm going to go back and give it another look, now.

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