The Heirs of Ruin Play Report 3

This was a pretty short session as Randy and Beth arrived a bit later than usual due to work, and we had to introduce a new player. Most of the session was devoted to the initial party discovering that they were being followed by an assassin-lead squad of soldiers, "dealing" with them, and learning that the assassin did not really want to be in the business anymore.

So, hey, free striker.

Once the dialogue wrapped up they continued skulking about the sewers looking for a way out, soon stumbling upon a large pile of bones that animated and tried to kill them. The fight was not terribly difficult on paper; some skeleton minions, dwarf skeletons, and an eladrin skeleton that still knew how to use wind magic. All in all the fight had a XP budget of 600 I think. However, one of the eladrin skeleton's powers--blinding wind--did a hefty amount of damage along with a blind kicker, but only recharged on a six. The problem? I rolled that six, in front of my players, three times in a row.

The pile of bones was intended to be a major terrain feature, being difficult terrain and causing creatures to fall over if they got subjected to forced movement and failed an Acrobatics check, but because the skeleton kept blinding everyone never really had a chance to use its other spells that could knock them about. So...oh well. After smashing all the skeletons, the ghost of a dwarf manifested over the bones, but it was getting late so we decided to leave it at a cliffhanger.

Anywho, here are some pics of the game table, since I kept saying that I would take some and forgetting:

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