Red Sails in the Fallout Review

My judgement might be skewed in light of having just come away from Under the Crimson Sun, but I found this heartwarming tale of two anthropomorphic female animals literally playing grab-ass across the desert--along with a swarm of insects, racist human, and carnivorous plant--to be pretty a entertaining read that plays out very much like an adventure arc might.

The characters were enjoyable (especially Shaani), the pop culture references were not too tiresome (except perhaps for Wigwig's lolcat speak, but your mileage might vary), and the pacing flowed well up until the end, after which it felt kind of rushed; you never found out what happened to Watering Hole, but presumably they made out alright, how the Plodder's dealt with having their wombats exploded, and for better or worse Xoota and Shaani never got past the, "playful-spanking" phase.

I found it to be a good deal better than Sooner Dead, so if you liked that I would give this a read, too. 

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