Posted by : David Guyll October 08, 2011

So I'm running this thrice-damned adventure module again, and I recall sometime last year someone read my session reports and actually wanted some compiled notes on the changes I made. Well I did just that, and you can get them--along with some custom monsters for Adventure Tools--here. Just a warning, this is not a completely independent adventure. It does not even have maps. It is really a bunch of notes that I formatted so that it is easier to read and hopefully help you make the adventure better...assuming anyone actually still tries to run it. On that note, hopefully this group actually finishes it and sticks around long enough to venture into Thunderspire Labyrinth, which I also fully intend to convert into something more structured and, well, fun.

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  1. Nice writeup. I really dug the blog, 11 foot pole, as it put up a pretty good break down (at times scathing) of Keep on the Shadowfell. Something must have hit home because I understand a lot of the criticism were addressed in the re-release of the adventure. It's a shame as I think this could offer a new group a lot of fun and I wish WotC developed the Netir Vale more as a campaign, especially with the other modules they put out.

    Thanks tons for having this as a resource. Oh and the kobolds having nothing to do with the cultists is a nix fix.

  2. The guy on eleven-foot pole had a lot of great insight, and I frankly wish WotC would have let him preview the adventures before pushing them out. I wish he would have kept writing, as I would like to see what he would have done with Pyramid of Shadows.

  3. Antioch. awesome. I am more and more addicted to your blog. :)

  4. And.... scanning the comments I see my piss poor typing skills arise yet again. I meant to say, 'The Kobolds having nothing to do with the cultists is a NEAT fix.' Thanks again for posting your changes to the module.



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