The Heirs of Ruin, Play Report 9

After a three-week hiatus we finally managed to get in a short session. Having liberated some treasure from some gith mummies, they proceeded through the canyon until they reached the entrance to the gith's cave. A bunch of gith were gathered outside, doing gith things and playing gith games. Some were stationed on top of rocky spires (using a terrain feature out of Creature Catalog).
The group was able to sneak up and gain a surprise round, though no one bothered trying to topple the spires, which sucks because that would have made it easier for them to take out the hobblers. Did you know those fuckers deal like, 2d6 + 5 damage on their default ranged attack? Even worse, they can roll on a save-ends immobilize, which made it hard for Branor to keep them off of his allies. Despite the elevated terrain and minions, the battle dragged on for awhile due to all of the terrible, terrible rolls, though eventually they succeeded and entered the cave to look for silver and captives.

Deep inside the cave they found a whole bunch of gith gathered around firepits, dining under the light of psionically charged crystals on what could only have been the torsos of human-like victims. Again, despite Branor's heavy armor and lack of a Dexterity modifier, they managed to gain another surprise round. Most of the encounter was a cluster-fuck of gith minions coupled with a handful of artillery that hung back and tried to pin them down. Again, bad rolls caused it to drag out again, as well as deplete them far worse than it had any right to. 

At any rate, that is where things ended. Long night, longer fights. Hopefully next week there will be better pacing and a stronger focus.


  1. We tried to topple the spires, and failed. then you hopped off!

  2. Branor has an Athletics check of, what, +10? +11? The DC was only 13, which meant clearly he just was not trying. That, or maybe he was afraid it was a cousin of his. >_>


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