No, not the craptacular movie, but something of actual merit. Since I have been extensively playing D&D since 2nd Edition I have read plenty of articles on ninjas, ninja-like things, and their place in the D&D world so I'm basically skipping to the crunchy parts. Unfortunately there are only six new powers, two new magic items, and a new weapon (fortunately it was already easy to make a ninja, even before the article was considered):
  • Ninja-to Rush (level 1 at-will): "Ninja-to" in this case is a short sword. It is a straightforward attack that can be used while charging, and you gain combat advantage if you jumped, fell, or flew on the turn you use it.
  • Poisonous Shuriken (level 1 at-will): While you do not add your Dex modifier to the damage roll, you can attack 1-3 creatures. Another good part is that if you use poison, it applies to all of them.
  • Whirling Kusari-gama (level 1 at-will): This is a two-parter. The first attack targets Reflex, deals Dex damage, and knocks the target prone. Even better, you can followup with another attack that deals damage (sans your Dex modifier). All in all, very evocative in its execution.
  • Smoke Bomb (level 2 encounter): This is a rad ability that lets you create a lightly obscured zone all around you after an enemy moves next to you, and then shift your speed. As with whirling kusari-gama, this is a very evocative power.
  • Feathery Tread (level 6 encounter): You float until the start of your next turn, ignoring difficult terrain and can stand on water.
  • Veil of a Thousand Faces (level 10 at-will): You create a disguise, and gain a bonus on Bluff checks to avoid detection.
  • Manual of Ninjutsu (level 3+ uncommon): Basically a ki-focus with brutal 1 when you use assassin strike. Higher level ones let you reroll lower numbers.
  • The ineffable Secret of Death (level 15+ rare): For an opener the crit dice are upped to d10s, and it deals bonus necrotic damage against anything you have combat advantage against. One daily power lets you maximize you assassin strike damage against a bloodied target, while the other lets you target the lowest defense on the target. Finally, an encounter powerlets you turn insubstantial and gain phasing after dropping someone. Very sweet.
  • Kusari-gama: A flail/light blade that deals 1d8/1d6 damage, with the defensive, reach, and off-hand properties. 
Its a nice article that makes we really want to run something using Oriental Adventures. Really looking forward to that runepriest article, now.


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  2. if they keep releasing good oriental stuff we can reinstate Tenmei


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