Posted by : David Guyll January 16, 2013

And here is the final map for the Horned Hold, from my D&D Next conversion of Thunderspire Labyrinth.

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  1. I like the map but..... It seems cutoff on the bottom rooms 14 & 19 (maybe extend the edge a little) just my opinion but still like it

  2. You are right on that one, it was my mistake :\

  3. Whoops! Well, whenever you fix it just edit this post. :-D

  4. Nice map, I used it for a major quest for a dragon steed :D

  5. Yeah, I figure that even if people do not run the converted adventures, maybe the maps can still be useful. :-)

  6. Is there somewhere I could download the high res version of this map?

  7. @cyderal: If you click on it you can get a better version. I'll ask Victor if he has something bigger.

    1. Yes there is. A neat trick to know if you are looking at the full size of an image in blogger is to look at the url of the image, there is a part that is sxxxx where x are numbers representing the resolution you are currently viewing (in the case of the image it is s1600), change that to s000 to see the true size of the image uploaded. Blogger saves different sizes of images you upload for some reason. Below you can find the original size which is significantly bigger:



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