D&D Next: Concept Art

I noticed this thread on RPG.net today, which linked to a DeviantArt account brimming with D&D Next concept art (looks like the artist's actual site can be found here). A lot of it is stuff that we have already seen, but there are plenty of new things in there, too (like the yaun-ti, ogre mage, and kuo-toa).

I think a lot of it looks good, particularly the humans, elves, dwarves, and aboleth: the armor and clothing look a lot more functional, and aside from the female dwarf and maybe one of the halflings there was nary a boob-window in sight (at least on the women that looked like they were supposed to be adventuring; the sun elf gets a pass, because she is wearing a bright yellow dress).

I am disappointed that the goblin, fire giant, and halflings have not seen any changes: the goblin still looks too much like an orc for my taste, the fire giant looks bland with its flat, shiny armor, and I am still not sold on the halfling's big head and tiny feet.

Also, I think the hell hound and spectre are both pretty uninspiring, and the mind flayer looks very much unpolished. Still, these are concepts and the game is still yet a ways away, so maybe we will get some interesting, polished art down the road.


  1. I'm not certain what you define a boob window as, but I didn't see any. The closest might be the halfling female, which seems a bit impractical for adventuring (but would be fine in town). There weren't even any impossibly low necklines.

    As for the goblin... if the monster group pic features both a goblin and an orc (as I'm assuming it does), then they definitely look too similar. The goblin looks like a scaled down version of what I'm assuming is the orc.

  2. The female shield dwarf. Maybe not a boob-window, but still more exposed chest than I would expect for someone geared up for a fight. Do not get me wrong, those are just nitpicks.

    As for the goblin and orc, yeah, they have both in some of the monster spreads and...bleh.

  3. I believe that 4e goblins had a more distinctive look than Next.


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